Hair Straighteners

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A hair straightener is an essential hair styling tool that women should have at home for hair grooming.


When it comes to hair straighteners, also known as flat irons, they are often considered one of the essential electrical beauty tools for many women. It addresses one of the common hair concerns for many Malaysia women, which is frizzy or unruly hair that doesn't hold a style well. Therefore, a hair straightener helps solve this issue by providing convenience in styling hair for various occasions, allowing every woman to confidently step out of their home. It efficiently transforms frizzy hair into sleek, straight locks quickly and efficiently. Additionally, for those with thin hair, a hair straightener can be used to add volume and body to their hair. Nowadays, various types of hair straighteners are available on the market, including corded, cordless, and travel-sized options, catering to different needs. They come with different functions, sizes, and materials used for the heat plates, so when choosing a hair straightener, it's important to consider the device's features and understand one's hair type as well.

When selecting a hair straightener, there are several factors to consider.

One important factor is the material of the heat plates, which can be categorized into four main types, each with different properties. 

Ceramic: Ceramic hair straighteners are suitable for use at high temperatures because they can evenly distribute heat across the plates. They have a smooth surface that helps reduce hair snagging while straightening, and they also enhance shine and minimize frizz in the hair.

Titanium Hair Straighteners: Titanium hair straighteners can heat up quickly and maintain a consistent temperature. They are suitable for hair that is dry or heavily damaged.

Ceramic Coated Hair Straighteners: Hair straighteners with ceramic coated plates are made of metal but coated with ceramic, allowing for relatively high heat distribution.

Tourmaline Hair Straighteners: Tourmaline is a type of mineral commonly used to coat the plates of hair straighteners. It provides excellent durability, maintains consistent heat, and can emit negative ions, which help retain moisture in the hair, resulting in less damage.

Size of the heating plates: If you choose a hair straightener with excessively large heating plates that are not necessary for the amount of hair you have, it may cause inconvenience when it comes to portability and result in unnecessary waste.

Heating plates with a width of 9-15 mm are suitable for individuals with short hair or male individuals who want to style their hair.

Heating plates with a 25-35 mm width are suitable for women with medium-length or long hair. This is the standard size for most hair straighteners and can also be used to create simple curls.

Heating plates with a 40-45 mm width are suitable for women with very long or thick hair. With this size of the heating plate, you can straighten a large amount of hair in one go, achieving a straight and sleek look.

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