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Join The Family, Be a Part of Our Success
Home Product Center Public Company Limited opens the door of opportunities to talented candidates, who look for career advancement, to be part of the effort that builds and develops the organization to grow sustainably. The Company prioritizes every career path and aims to develop the capabilities of employees to grow together with the Company. Taking work-life balance into account, giving equal opportunities to all employees regardless of gender and age, and opening the opportunities for employees to step up to become the leaders of the Company in the future.
Benefits & Welfare
A heavily focus is placed on the importance of our employees as they are constantly our value-added resources. Accordingly, our policy is to look out for our employees’ salary, welfare, working environment, as well as promote good physical and mental health. It is also our policy to take care of our employees’ lives so that they can work effectively and enjoy their work and family life.
Work with HomePro
Work with HomePro
Company Culture embodies the heart of the organization. Culture is the practical guideline to all HomePro employees. HomePro Culture consists of
  1. Customer First
  2. Teamwork
  3. Think & Act as HomePro
  4. Passion and
  5. Integrity
HomePro offers modern facilities that support the Lifestyle of every working Generation. The Company has prepared comprehensive facilities to assist all employees to work effectively, such as High Speed Internet, Fitness Room, Relax Room and Coffee Shop. In addition, there is a common lobby area that is full of nature, suitable for relaxing and welcoming visitors.
Work with HomePro
Work with HomePro
The Company prioritizes Work-Based Learning by organizing Dual Vocational Training and Internship programs to open opportunities for students, from high vocational certificate level to bachelor degree level, to develop their learning and problem solving skills. The students can take the knowledge from classrooms and apply them to real work situations. The objective is to hire the students as full time employees after they complete the program.
How to apply job with Homepro?
You can apply via channel as following
  1. All HomePro branches as your convenience
  2. Send your CV to email: [email protected]
How many positions can be applied?
You are allowed to apply unlimit positions then our recruiter will match the most suitable job for you.