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HomePro Wire Mesh Accessories

Wire mesh is an essential home decoration accessory that serves multiple purposes, primarily preventing insects like mosquitoes from entering your home. Nowadays, it is widely used and considered a necessity for every household. When selecting wire mesh, it is important to consider the material and your specific needs. Homeowners should understand the different types of wire mesh and choose the one that best suits their intended purpose. Each type of wire mesh has unique characteristics, so selecting the most suitable one is crucial.

Here are some wire mesh accessories available at HomePro:

Mesh Screen Handles: These handles are used with various window mesh screens. They allow for easy and smooth opening and closing of window screens. They are designed to be the right size for comfortable handling, made from standard materials, and are durable, with a long lifespan. They are also easy to install by homeowners.

Screw-On Wire Mesh Locks: These small accessories are designed to secure wire mesh to door or window frames. They are made from high-quality plastic, ensuring strength and durability. They are used to lock the wire mesh securely in place.

Wire Mesh Rollers: These rollers are used for installing or repairing wire mesh on window and door frames. They make wire mesh installation much easier. By simply rolling the wire mesh onto the frame's groove and adding a layer of rubber, the process becomes more convenient.

Wire Mesh Door Handles: These handles are designed to be used with wire mesh doors, making it easy and comfortable to open and close them securely. They offer a secure grip and are suitable for use in residential or office environments.

Metal Wire Mesh Rollers: These rollers are designed to work with metal or aluminum sliding door tracks. They provide a sturdy and durable solution for sliding door wire mesh screens.

Folding Wire Mesh Doors: These folding wire mesh doors are made from high-quality steel and are both strong and durable. They come in various attractive designs and are easy to install, making them suitable for various applications, including doors and windows.

HomePro offers a wide range of wire mesh and accessories to meet your needs. You can find quality wire mesh products and accessories at any HomePro store near you or shop conveniently online at www.homepro.com.my. We are committed to providing excellent service to our customers, and our team is ready to assist you. If you have any inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact the HomePro Call Center at 1-800-28-2268.