Concealed Stop Valves

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Wall-mounted valves

Faucets, stop valves, and other bathroom equipment are essential items when it comes to using and maintaining a bathroom. When we talk about wall-mounted valves or stop valves, these are items that are indispensable in the bathroom. Many people may wonder what they are, what their functions are, and how necessary they are for a bathroom. Typically, when installing plumbing systems with sanitary ware, some people might only connect the water pipes to our sanitary ware, allowing us to use the bathroom fixtures immediately. However, if we use this method and any bathroom fixtures such as a toilet, a sink, a faucet, or other parts get damaged, we need to come out and shut off the main water supply meter from outside to stop the entire water system. This can be time-consuming and inconvenient for maintenance because it forces us to stop all water-related activities inside the house. But if we have wall-mounted valves or stop valves, we can repair only the damaged parts because these valves control the opening, closing, and water distribution of these fixtures. For example, sink faucets, toilet flush valves, bathroom sinks, bidet shower sets, and others are related.

Various Types of Wall-Mounted Valves

Wall-mounted valves are made of high-quality materials, ensuring their strength, durability, and long service life. They can control the flow of water with ceramic valves inside, allowing for smooth water release and a tight seal when closed. These valves are suitable for installation in various wall styles, seamlessly blending with the decor.

Wall-Mounted Mixing Valves: These valves are manufactured from high-quality materials, providing strength, durability, and longevity. They use ceramic valves to control water flow, ensuring a smooth and leak-free operation. They are suitable for installation in any wall style, offering a seamless fit.

Wall-Mounted Faucet Valves: Faucet valves for wall installation feature an elegant design with beautiful knob handles. They are crafted from high-quality materials manufactured to meet rigorous standards, ensuring long-lasting use. These valves offer easy and convenient on/off operation and can complement various bathroom styles.

Two-Way Wall-Mounted Valves: Two-way wall-mounted valves are made from high-quality stainless-steel grade 304, ensuring strength, resistance to corrosion, and a lasting appearance free from peeling, discoloration, or any residue. These valves are perfect for use with fixtures that require two water outlets, providing convenient and quick control with their lever-style handles. They can efficiently control water flow with their 90-degree ceramic valves.

Wall-Mounted Diverter Valves: These modern-designed diverter valves offer long-lasting use with their high-quality stainless-steel construction. They are robust, corrosion-resistant, and free from peeling or discoloration. Their lever-style handles make them easy to operate, and they can be installed with water pipes before attaching fixtures like bathtubs or bathroom sinks. This makes repairs straightforward when fixtures are damaged or leaking, as you can continue to use water in other areas without disruption. These diverter valves come with a 5-year ceramic valve leakage warranty.

Wall-Mounted Single-Handle Valves: These contemporary-designed valves come in a sleek and modern design. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, they are durable and resistant to corrosion and moisture. They offer convenient operation with their lever handles and can be easily installed with flexible hose connections. These valves are suitable for various bathroom styles and come with a 5-year ceramic valve leakage warranty.

Wall-Mounted Valves

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