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Kettles & Electric jar Pots

Kettles and Jar pots are appliances that have been used since a long time ago. Kettles help you to quickly boil water in minutes. Nowadays we can easily buy kettles and jar pots in a general appliance store, especially at Hompro which is a one-stop service for electrical appliances, a wide range of quality products, whether air conditionrefrigeratorsfanswashing machines, and many more. You can shop online at www.homepro.com.my

     Both electric kettles and jar pots have the same boiling feature but there are also many different attributions such as an operating system or boiling speed. When you buy kettles or jar pots for your household, it depends on your budget related to brands, for instance, Electrolux, Panasonic, Philips, Hitachi, Sharp, Tefal, Toshiba, or OTTO. Also, consider using it in order to choose the one that works best to meet your

Electric kettles feature

     Electric kettles are an appliance that consumes electricity for boiling water. There are 2 selections including, the kettles body and a removable base which can be separated. When you water into a kettle and place it on a heating base then plug it in and switch on a kettle and wait for boiling water which can reach up to 100 Celsius, to boil for just 5 minutes after that you have to switch it off and take a kettle out of its base.

     The advantage of an electric kettle is its boiling speed which is faster than a jar pot, if compare with the boiling time, it will be around 2-4 minutes while a jar pot takes up to 5-10 minutes. In addition, an electric kettle can heat up to 100 degrees Celsius which is the highest, some models can only heat for 90-95 degrees Celsius.

Choosing an electric kettle

     If you want speed It is recommended to choose an electric kettle for your home use. Because the electric kettle doesn't take long for the water to boil. When the water is boiling, you can use hot water. While the thermos we can plug in to boil water. and leave it to do anything first, it will automatically cut The advantages of a thermos are The flask maintains heat throughout the day and we can walk and press hot water at any time.

     For the technique of choosing an electric kettle Try to choose one with a large cord as this electric kettle is a power-hungry appliance. If you accidentally buy a model with a non-standard cable, the cord may be shorted or melted, which can be dangerous for the user. and use the material of the kettle is stainless steel Because it is a material that has anti-rust properties. and can be used safely without harm to health

Electric thermos features

     Electric thermos It is another type of electrical appliance used for boiling water. There is a structure consisting of parts of the boiler. As for the heating coil and power cord, the device has a water boiling indicator that tells the amount of water inside the thermos. The working principle is quite simple. Just add water and plug it in. Current runs into the heating coil. and distributing heat to the inner boiler

At this time, the thermos flask shows the status of Boil, that is, boiling water. It takes about 5-10 minutes to boil and when the water boils to the highest temperature. The thermos flask will change to a warm state, where the thermos will cut off the power, causing the water in the flask to stop boiling and stay warm. and if the plug is left plugged in, the water in the flask will gradually The temperature dropped when the water in the flask was the same temperature as the room temperature water. The flask will start to boil water again.

Selection of Electric thermos

     Choosing a thermos flask depends on the material used to make the boiler. In some models, stainless steel pots are used. Some models use brass pots. Some models use ordinary steel. It is recommended that you purchase a stainless-steel boiler model because there will be less chance of rusting than other materials. Especially when the water is left in the boiler and the matter of wires. A good thermos will need a standard cord because this type of electrical appliance requires a high current. If by mistake, choose a model that uses non-standard cables. There may be a shock or melt problem that is dangerous to the user.

Homepro Electric kettles and thermos

     If you are looking for an electric kettle or thermos for general home or office use. You can come and see the products at HomePro, every branch across the country, or choose to shop through online channels at www.homepro.com.my with an electric kettle and thermos to choose from a variety of models as well as electrical appliances for complete home use. For more information, please contact Homepro Call Center At 1-800-28-2268.