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Vacuum Cleaner Accessories

A vacuum cleaner is an electric appliance invented for aiding users with cleaning purposes. Owning a decent vacuum cleaner can be extremely beneficial as utilization in cleaning tasks would rule out any difficulties. For those whose time is limited, an alternative could be a robotic vacuum cleaner but some flaws including moderate cleaning performance and movement restriction around corners shouldn't be disregarded.

Appropriate Vacuum Cleaner Selection for House Space

  • Household vacuum cleaners for large rooms feature high suction power which delivers superior cleaning performance compared to the smaller ones. In these present days, such vacuum cleaners come in various designs not to mention the cordless property that enables convenient application.

  • Household vacuum cleaners for small rooms do not come in bulky designs as relocation, storage, and application can be immensely arduous. A counter to bulkiness is compactness and cordless property. This is where cordless handheld vacuum cleaners come into play and viability in limited space is undeniably suitable.

Vacuum Cleaner Accessories

  • Vacuum cleaner bags raise the level of convenience in vacuum cleaning. Quality fiber construction delivers high-end quality. Power product technology enhances suction power by up to 60% which efficiently traps dust and other tiny particles. The vacuum cleaner bag is compatible with vacuum cleaners and suction speed will be increased.

  • Vacuum cleaner filters play a vital part in filtering dust and tiny particles in the air. Hence, your loved ones will be protected from impurities, allergens, pollutants, etc. in the air. Dust particle filtering/trapping efficiency is second to none and its installation can effortlessly be performed by yourself.

  • Vacuum cleaner dust filters attachments efficiently trap dust particles and bacteria along with promoting the reduction of pollutants. Constructed out of quality material, the accessories emphasize reliable durability. Installation can be carried out easily without the requirement of any tools. These attachments are intended for filtering dust from vacuum cleaners.

  • Vacuum cleaner brush heads come in ABS profile for reliable durability and deliver the ability to reach corners and hard-to-reach areas with ease. They feature a speed of 8,000 rpm and rely on 3 functionalities—spinning, sweeping, and suction. Vacuum cleaner brush heads substantially enhance the cleaning efficiency of vacuum cleaners.

  • Dust storage boxes are designed for dust leakage prevention even during disposal. In fact, dust storage boxes ensure better and cleaner disposal compared to regular methods up to 400 times. Allergens, dust, large to tiny particles, etc. will not slip out easily and these boxes feature a filtering capability of up to 99.999%. What’s more, Activated Carbon Filter helps eliminate unpleasant odors.

Vacuum Cleaner Accessories HomePro Online

Vacuum Cleaner Accessories selection can be a really challenging decision that you will have to make. There are many factors to consider before choosing ones that involve different levels of performance, local climate, and placement, depending on their types, functionality, and materials. For those who are looking for high-quality and reasonable options, you can easily explore and take a closer look at all HomePro stores or www.homepro.com.my along with exclusive promotions and home delivery service for HomePro online customers. For more inquiries, please contact Homepro Call Center at 1-800-28-2268.