Basin Pedestals

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Basin Pedestals

Ubiquitous sanitaryware like washbasins appears in every public or private lavatory in domiciles, commercial residences, etc. Selection of washbasins for utilization should ponder over several particulars regarding installation procedures, product types, and aptness with bathroom styles. In this day and age, umpteen brands counting Moya, Kohler, Cotto, American Standard, Bathline, Karat, and other publicly familiar names seek to thrive and contest in terms of prices, functionalities, etc. Consumers may prefer to directly purchase from manufacturers or trustworthy retailers. HomePro, a reputable retailer, carries an extensive list of sanitaryware and includes an online shopping platform for customers to enjoy.

Washbasin Types

Picking out the washbasins for personal or commercial applications explicitly requires a decent level of contemplation as various types and sizes of washbasins exist. Each type utilizes dissimilar installation procedures. Therefore, wise decisions should be made to assure bathroom complement. Common washbasins available around the markets come in 6 types which include built-in washbasins, above-counter washbasins, semi-recessed washbasins, under-counter washbasins, pedestal washbasins, and wall-hung washbasins.

  • Built-in Washbasins Appealing classical design and space-saving properties are the main reasons why they are the most preferable washbasins these days. Emphasizing space-saving features, bathroom amenities including facewash foams, toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc. can be placed on the counter without concerns. This type of washbasin perfectly suits medium to large lavatories.

  • Above-counter Washbasins As the name implies, this type of washbasin emphasizes simple installation just by placing it on the counter. Compared to the built-in ones, the above-counter washbasins easily get the upper hand on the subjects of stylishness and convenience in maintenance. This type of washbasin ideally matches medium to large lavatories.

  • Semi-recessed Washbasins Its uniqueness is half of the basin overhangs the edge of the counter, while the other half sits back into it. This type of washbasin is a clever choice for those who prefer a more modern-looking and gorgeous bathroom.

  • Undercounter Washbasins These washbasins are designed to sit flat with the counter surface, exposing only their interior and blending seamlessly for maximized utility space. Marble or granite counters appear to be the best fit for these washbasins. This type of washbasin excellently befits medium to large lavatories.

  • Pedestal Washbasins This type of washbasin can be commonly seen in every household and comes with a pedestal for concealing pipework. Many would champion such types of washbasins, thanks to the economical price, robust property, and compactness. Installation can be carried out quickly and effortlessly and the pedestal washbasins leave your bathroom spacious.

  • Wall-hung Washbasins Known for their space efficiency, these wall-hung washbasins are the number one choice for lavatories with limited space. Its wall-hung installation takes up little space in your bathroom. Plenty of space beneath the wall-hung washbasin can be utilized for storing bathroom amenities and equipment. However, making sure the wall seizes sturdiness significantly prevents possible accidents and injuries.

Basin Pedestals HomePro

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