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     Freezers are another electrical appliance that meets the business needs of shops as well. Freezers differ from conventional refrigerators in terms of functionality because the freezer is mainly for cooling frozen food, preserving the freshness of ingredients, Maintain the original taste and nutritional value. The freezer has a cooling system suitable for storing fresh food and raw material so it is able to contain a large number of raw materials for freezing. It is perfectly suitable for a general store or restaurant business.

     If you are not running a shop or restaurant business but you want a refrigerator that has similar features to a freezer. It is advisable to choose a 2-door refrigerator for use as a 2-door refrigerator is the most suitable option. Because both refrigeration and freezing are separated so it saves more electricity bills than freezers and most importantly, the size of the refrigerator is more suitable to use at home.

Freezer types

Vertical freezers

      The freezer comes with a door like a normal refrigerator, it has a clear glass which is suitable for cooling a drink and beautifully showing the product in order to attract the customer. We normally see this type of freezer in many convenience stores.

Horizontal freezers

     It is a freezer with a left-right sliding lid on top. Suitable for food storage raw materials for cooking Including ice can be stored in this type of freezer as well.

Buying a Freezers

     Buying a Freezer is not as difficult as you think, you just have to carefully pay attention to the details of the product because the refrigerator is one of the types of electrical appliances that are quite expensive and has a long service life. Therefore, you must consider the system and the product attributes, that have the ability to store any type of food including the matter of energy saving. Choosing from the energy-saving label 5, which indicates that the freezer has the highest quality and it can save energy.

     The energy-saving label 5 has the numerical data that you can use to calculate the amount of electricity used per year and see the level of the cooling efficiency, these data can help you decide when choosing a freezer. Because the usage behavior of each person is different. Although we may choose the recommended freezer that has all the features it may not be suitable for your use. Therefore, the selection of freezers must be chosen with regard to economy and functionality as the main.

     Many people may think that freezers consume more electricity than normal refrigerators. In fact, it depends on many factors, regardless of the size of the freezer. The larger it is, the more power it consumes. Therefore, when choosing a freezer, you must choose the size that best fits your needs. Don't buy with the thought of choosing a larger size first. A freezer capacity of 300 – 450 liters is commonly used by general stores. This is because it is sufficient for use and consumes only 180 – 240 kWh per year.

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