Portable Air Conditioners

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Portable Air Conditioners

A portable air conditioner is a type of air conditioner with impressive features and functions that make it an outstanding air cooler. Portable air conditioners offer convenient portability and provide efficient cooling performance to your house. Additionally, they can be easily moved to any location within your house where a power outlet is available, allowing you to enjoy cool air anywhere and anytime as desired. What makes portable air conditioners different from conventional air conditioners is the small and lightweight designs that allow them to be placed conveniently in any desired areas or corners inside your house. Equipped with a built-in compressor, air duct, and air purifier system, some portable air conditioners feature a drain line to drain the water off which is a result of the operation of air conditioning systems. As the cooling capacity of portable air conditioners ranges from 9,000-18,000 BTU, it allows them to provide cooling power as decent as wall air conditioners. However, portable air conditioners tend to be better at cooling down only specific spots in the room, unlike general air conditioners.

Benefits of Portable Air Conditioners

For the installation of a portable air conditioner, drilling into a wall is not necessary, unlike most types of A/C units. These portable air conditioners offer time and cost efficiency as they can instantly provide cool air in any desired area after plugging in. Thanks to their compact designs, portable air conditioners can be easily moved or relocated to any room in your house. Apart from that, they feature an automatic on-off timer function for convenient use. Most importantly, another benefit of using portable air conditioners is a lower possibility of refrigerant leakage problems. However, not every house is suitable for the use of a portable air conditioner since the size and the type of room that you will place the unit in should be taken into consideration as well. If the room is too large, the cooling performance of the portable air conditioner may drop. Moreover, an air duct is necessary to transfer heated air out of the house for improved heat dissipation. Besides, some portable air conditioners also feature an energy-saving system that helps reduce energy consumption.

Which Portable Air Conditioners Should You Buy?

If you are looking for a portable conditioner to use in houses, dormitories, condominiums, or apartments, but still deciding on brands or series, kindly allow Homepro Online to recommend popular portable air conditioners, from MIDEA and ASTINA brands that offer effective temperature control.

Portable Air Conditioners

Portable Air Conditioners selection can be a challenging decision that you will have to make. There are many factors to consider before choosing ones that involve different levels of performance, local climate, and placement, depending on their types, functionality, and materials. For those who are looking for high-quality and reasonable options, you can easily explore and take a closer look at all Homepro stores or www.homepro.com.my along with exclusive promotions and home delivery service for Homepro online customers. For more inquiries, please contact Homepro Call Center at 1-800-28-2268.