Flooring or Wall coverings are one of the elements that will enhance the distinctiveness of our home and tell the style or tastes of the host or residents.

Did you know that a beautiful wall or floor tile has an average lifespan of only 10 years? Some homes may start to warn of problems starting with faded, old-looking tiles, blackened grout, moldy or flaking and thinning. The house may encounter broken tiles, aneurysms, but many people were indifferent to these problems and were often overlooked until the tile became so distraught that it exploded itself.

If your home has damaged tiles, discolored, cracked, peeling, or uneven surfaces, trust Home Service by HomePro to have your floors or walls replaced by experienced professionals from introducing and consulting with tile experts who pay attention to every step, from designing with 3D Design, giving customers a realistic picture before doing it with a team of highly experienced professional technicians with a 1-year warranty.

Easy to start, just select the tile survey type. Special! Survey fees can also be used as improvement discounts.

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