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Manufacturer: BLACK&DECKER Model: 1061134
Rated power : 1400WMax. Pressure : 110 bar – 1450PSIMax. Flow rate : 6.5 L/minMax. Temperature : 50°CHose length : 5mPump Material : AluminumMotor type : Universal3 Axial-piston wobble-plate pumpAutomatic safety valve with low-pressure by-passInlet water filter for more pump lifeTotal Stop System (p..
RM 379.00
Manufacturer: KARCHER Model: 1036199
VACUUM KARCHER  WET & DRY WD1 1000W 15LThe WD 1 Classic multi-purpose vacuum cleaner: a powerful 1,200-watt device. With robust and shock-proof 15-litre waste container. This compact device offers exceptional advantages, being designed for space-saving storage and quick in-between clean-ups..
RM 339.00
Manufacturer: KARCHER Model: 1061164
FEATURES AND BENEFITSCompact design for easy storageCompact size, easy to carry.Induction motor with aluminum pumpRobust, long-lasting and of the highest quality.Pleasantly quiet during use.Vario Power Jet Short 360° with infinitely variable pressure regulation and swivel-mounted jointIdeal for clea..
RM 699.00
Manufacturer: KARCHER Model: 1025561
FEATURES- Dry Surface Cleaning- Wet Surface Cleaning- Blow Function- Dry Vacuuming- Never Dry Vacuum Without The Filter Assembly InstalledSPECIFICATION- Rated voltage : 220-240V- Frequency : 50Hz- Motor power : 1400w- Suction Power : 190 mbar- Energy Use : 1000 W- Container Capacity : 15 Litre- Cont..
RM 559.00 RM 599.00
Manufacturer: ELBA Model: 1051126
Power : 1200w● Tank Capacity 30L● Suction Power: 190W● Stainless Steel Tank● Air Blowing Function● Draining Outlet for Easy Water Removal● Lightweight and Compact Design for Ease of Carrying● HEPA Filter System● Wet & Dry Use● Safety Switch● Suitable for Wet Cleaning, Carpet Use, Gap Use, and Fl..
RM 349.00
Manufacturer: WORX Model: 1060853
DETAILS :350 PSI delivers up to 6X the water pressure of a traditional garden hose & nozzle.Brushless motor offers peak efficiency and durability.4.0Ah long-lasting battery offers enhanced run-time and is compatible with all 20V Power Share tools.Long cleaning lance directs water where you need,..
RM 914.00
Manufacturer: Black & Decker Model: 1035336
FEATURES-12V DC Adapter Fits Into Cigarette Lighter Socket-5 Metre Cable Allows You To Reach All Areas Of Your Car Including The Boot-Ergonomic Design For Comfortable Use-Washable Filter-Versatile And Easy To Use For Effective Car CleaningDouble Action Filtration Gives High Performance For LongeRSPE..
RM 160.00
Manufacturer: BOSCH Model: 1050177
Product Detail • The Bosch 360° Gun allows the jet to be angled so even unseen dirt can be easily removed• One-handed operation means the free hand can hold lighter items or move the item whilst cleaning, making the process quicker and          more thorough• Simple pus..
RM 389.00
Manufacturer: BOSCH Model: 1050178
- Fast high pressure detergent system- All accessories carried on the machine- SDS system with quick-connect fittings- Auto-stop system- Detergent dosing system- Motor power: 1300 W- Max. flow temperature: 40 °C- Cable length: 5 m1 x UniversalAquatak100 (Body unit), 1 x Bosch 360° high-pressure gun,..
RM 450.00
Manufacturer: Karcher Model: 1044244
Cartridge filter suitable for Kärcher MV 1/WD 1 multi-purpose vacuum cleaners.FEATURES AND BENEFITSSuitable for Kärcher MV 1/WD 1 multi-purpose vacuum cleaners.SPECIFICATIONSTechnical dataWeight (kg) 0.3Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 190 x 190 x 180Quantity (piece(s)) 1COMPATIBLE MACHINESWD 1APPLICATIO..
RM 85.00
Manufacturer: Karcher Model: 1013744
KARCHER CARTRIDGE FILTER WD2/WD3/WD3 PREMKärcher cartridge filter suitable for wet and dry use without filter replacement. Filter with high dust retention. Dirt doesn't stand a chance.FEATURES AND BENEFITS Filter materialSPECIFICATIONTechnical dataWeight (kg) 0.128Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 12..
RM 95.00
Manufacturer: Karcher Model: 1029903
KARCHER DUST BAG T8/1 Suitable for the Kärcher T8/1 multi-purpose vacuum cleaners      High degree of dust retention     SPECIFICATIONSTechnical dataWeight (kg)            0.2Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm)        ..
RM 110.00
Manufacturer: Karcher Model: 1052775
KARCHER DUST BAG WD1 (5 PIECES)Paper filter bag for Kärcher multi-purpose vacuum cleaners in the MV 1/WD 1 range.FEATURES AND BENEFITSTear-resistantCOMPATIBLE MACHINESWD 1WD 1 HomeAPPLICATION AREASDry vacuum cleaningFeatures :- Quantity (piece(s) : 5Weight (kg)    :   0.3Weight i..
RM 63.00
Manufacturer: Karcher Model: 1044238
KARCHER DUST BAG WD2 5EA/SET Weight (kg)   :  0.3Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm)  :  240 x 120 x 7Quantity (piece(s)  :  5COMPATIBLE MACHINESWD 2 Cartridge Filter KitA 2004WD 2.200WD 2.250WD 2 / MV2..
RM 65.00
Manufacturer: Karcher Model: 1013742
KARCHER DUST BAG WD3/WD3 PREMTwo-ply paper filter bags with excellent filter performance. The paper filter bags also impress with high tear-resistance and reliably keep dust and dirt inside the device. Five bags are included in the scope of supply. FEATURES AND BENEFITSTwo-layerTear resistanceO..
RM 65.00
Manufacturer: Karcher Model: 1044248
KARCHER FLAT FOLDER FILTER WD4/5 PREMFEATURES AND BENEFITSSuitable for Kärcher multi-purpose vacuum cleaners from the MV 4 to MV 6 ranges and WD 4 to WD 6 ranges. Flat fold filter can be replaced in seconds by folding out the filter cartridge - without any contact with dirt Wet and dry vacuuming wit..
RM 100.00
Manufacturer: Karcher Model: 1033478
KARCHER FLEECE DUST BAG WD4/WD5   FEATURES AND BENEFITS: - Suitable for the Kärcher MV 4 to MV 6 multi-purpose vacuum cleaners, as well as the WD 4 to WD 6. - Extremely tear-resistant - High degree of dust retention for significantly longer vacuuming than with paper filter bags   SP..
RM 68.00
Manufacturer: KARCHER Model: 1013726
Compact, versatile, robust - the K 2.350with wheels is ideal for occasional use around the house. This practical high-pressure cleaner is designed for easy transport and mobility. Suitable, e.g. for cleaning cars, garden furniture or patios. An impact-resistant, recyclable plastic casing prevents di..
RM 459.00 RM 499.00
Manufacturer: KARCHER Model: 1034430
Product DescriptionThe K 2 Classic is ideal for occasional use and light dirt. The compact, lightweight and easily transportable device cleans bicycles, garden tools, garden furniture and more to perfection. Once the cleaning task is complete, the device can be stored without taking up much space. T..
RM 289.00 RM 319.00
Manufacturer: BLACK&DECKER Model: 1052177
 Product DescriptionFEATURES- Dry Surface Cleaning- Wet Surface Cleaning- Blow Function- Dry Vacuuming- Never Dry Vacuum Without The Filter Assembly InstalledSPECIFICATION- Rated voltage : 220-240V- Frequency : 50Hz- Motor power : 1400w- Suction Power : 190 mbar- Energy Use : 1000 W- Container ..
RM 299.00 RM 325.00
Manufacturer: BOSCH Model: 1052005
SPECIFICATIONS- Weight : 6kg - Container volume (net) : 10L - Rated Input power : 1100w- Container volume (gross) : 15L - Container volume (NET) Water : 8L - Tool Dimensions (length) : 360mm - Tool Dimensions (height) : 440mm - Filter surface area : 2300cm²- Max. Air fl..
RM 616.00
-14 %
Manufacturer: FABER Model: 1057634
Model: WD 820• Power : 1200w (motor)• Power : 1500w (extra socket)• Capacity : 20L• Plastic tank• Extra socket on easy power extension• Wet & Dry dual function• With air blowing function• Clean solid particulate and liquid easily• Rotary wheels facilities moving• Suction power : 17kpa• Cord leng..
RM 299.00 RM 349.00
Manufacturer: Karcher Model: 1013737
KARCHER VACUUM CLEANER DRY T8/1 1600w/8LEase of use and high suction power combined in one machine! The surprisingly affordable T 8/1 Classic dry vacuum cleaner offers excellent cleaning performance and an 8 litre catch pan for long work intervals. This lightweight machine uses a highly practical op..
RM 499.00
Manufacturer: Karcher Model: 1035805
KARCHER VACUUM CLEANER NT38/1 1600w/38LWet and dry vacuum cleaner NT 38/1 Me Classic: Compact, robust and mobileCompact, robust and mobileExcellent stability, easy manoeuvrability and convenient transport thanks to its slimline form and 4 castors. The bumper offers secure all-round protection for th..
RM 649.00
Manufacturer: KARCHER Model: 1013729
The compact WD 2 Cartridge Filter Kit is a powerful multi-purpose vacuum cleaner with a power consumption of only 1,000 watts. The equipment includes a robust and impact-resistant plastic container with a 12-litre capacity, as well as a cartridge filter for vacuuming dry and wet dirt without changin..
RM 499.00
Manufacturer: Black & Decker Model: 1035328
FEATURES:- 12V adapter fits into a car cigarette lighter- Unique integrated flex hose- Allows you to reach all areas of your car where another hand vacuum cannot- Patented 'motor in the filter' technology allows the hand vacuum to be ultra-compact- Long crevice tool for tight areas such as underneat..
RM 230.00
-15 %
Manufacturer: Black & Decker Model: 1058951
BLACK & DECKER Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner Blower BDWDS20  20L 1600W FEATURES:- Dry Surface Cleaning- Wet Surface Cleaning- Blow Function- Dry Vacuuming- Never Dry Vacuum Without The Filter Assembly InstalledSPECIFICATION:- Rated voltage : 220-240V- Frequency : 50Hz/60Hz- Motor power ..
RM 359.00 RM 420.00
Manufacturer: Karcher Model: 1031881
The K4 Basic with water-cooled motor features a telescopic handle, a Quick Connect gun, a 6 m-long high-pressure hose and a water filter to protect the pump. The pressure in the Vario Power spray pipe (VPS) can be adjusted simply by twisting it, and the extra powerful dirt grinder, with its rotating..
RM 1,099.00
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