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Rubber Glues

Rubber Glues
Manufacturer: Bosny Model: 1050144
property -Standard quality general-purpose rubber adhesive provides strong adhesion. -Free from toluene Which is harmful to the respiratory system -Good resistance to heat The adhesive will not melt, stick to the surface or ignite. How to use -Suitable for sticking on wood, leather, artificial leath..
RM 9.00
Manufacturer: BOSTIK Model: 1020503
Many household and indutrial uses.Suitable in bonding leather, metals, wood, canvas, PVC and other plastics.Widely used in the repair of toys, furniture, upholstery, jewellery and handicraft.5 minutes tack time...
RM 8.80
Manufacturer: Pattex Model: 1058727
Properties Used in various bonding purposes with a wide ranges of materials Strong, non-sticky and fast-drying bond of materials within 10 minutes Flexible, durable and impact resistant VOC-free and toluene-free glue without neurological system effects Product Usage For various repairing and bonding..
RM 15.90
Manufacturer: Selleys Model: 1028086
A strong, weather and impact resistant adhesive that is ideal for most shoe repairs. Ideal for ..
RM 11.90
Manufacturer: Selleys Model: 1028090
- One Drop Holds One Tonne , Provided The Bond Area Exceeds 650mm And There Is No Gap Between Surfaces. - Not Suitable For Use On Paper , Leater , Polyethylene Or Teflon. - Will Not Permanently Bond Glass Or Materials Containing Alkaline Elements. - Not Recommended For Repairing Handles Of Vessels C..
RM 7.90
Manufacturer: Selleys Model: 1028088
Selleys Supa Glue - Twin pack 3mlx2 2 tubes per pack Bonds in 10 seconds Maximum bond strength in 12 hours..
RM 11.20
Manufacturer: Selleys Model: 1028102
Selleys Supa Glue Single Shot bonds in 10 seconds and is a self piercing tube.Bonds to most non-porous materials eg, metal, rubber, plastic, wood.Dries colorless with a maximum bond strength after 10 hours.Heat and water resistance .One drop holds a tonne providing the bond area to exceeds 650 meter..
RM 8.00
Manufacturer: Selleys Model: 1028110
Directions 1. Ensure that surfaces to be bonded are clean , dry , free of dust ,grease or oil. 2. Work tube between fingers of several seconds to loosen contents. To open, remove cap and cut tip at nozzle. [ Folding the tube from the back could assist to expel contents.] 3. Apply to one surface and ..
RM 11.60
Manufacturer: SUPERTITE Model: 1042860
RM 6.10
Manufacturer: V-Tech Model: 1045316
A clear color All Purpose Adhesive suitable for nearly all types of household repair and craft works. It is fast curing and will not attack the Polystyrene (styrofoam). Clear color Bonds most materials Polystyrene safe..
RM 3.00
Manufacturer: Selleys Model: 1028127
Selleys Kwik Grip is a flexible contact adhesive providing a permanent bond to surfaces such as vinyl, upholstery, rubber, metal, leather, canvas, cork, hardboard and laminated plastics. Suitable for bonding both absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces, vertical surfaces or when clamping is difficult. ..
RM 13.90
Manufacturer: V-Tech Model: 1011174
A clear coloured solvent-based (toluene-free) adhesive specially formulated for DIY shoe and leather goods repair jobs. It is easy to use, fast setting and cost saving. It also offers superior bonding strength with excellent water and heat resistance. Applications : Filling and repairing tears, bu..
RM 5.90
Manufacturer: Unicorn Model: 1033164
20g • Strong Bond - Super Bonding Power • Bond for leather , rubber , cork , canvas , plastic , upholstery etc • High Strength..
RM 3.30
Manufacturer: V-Tech Model: 1011176
A water-based, clear color, non-toxic and non-corrosive adhesive that is excellent for wood bonding application. It is features quick setting, superior bonding strength and bonds variety of porous substrates. It is specially formulated to obtain superb resistance to plasticizer migration thus able t..
RM 7.00
Manufacturer: Selleys Model: 1028126
Kwik Grip Solvent is a solvent-based polychloroprene contact adhesive suitable for bonding both absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces. Kwik Grip Solvent provides a permanent bond to surfaces such as vinyl, upholstery, rubber, metal, leather, canvas, cork, hardboard and laminated plastics. The bond fo..
RM 11.60
Manufacturer: Selleys Model: 1028093
Selleys Shock Proof is a breakthrough in Supa Glue technology. It has up to 4 times the bond strength on metals than standard Super Glues. It is impact resistant, heat resistant up to 150deg celsius and is more flexible than standard super glues. Shock Proof has been formulated to give you more work..
RM 11.90
Manufacturer: X'TRASEAL Model: 1022221
Description : CA-288 Contact Adhesive is a multi purpose solvent based chloroprene contact adhesive that is easy to apply and offers extra bonding strength. Use for bonding and laminating formica, plywood, cloth, cardboard, sponge, wood, leather, rubber, glass, metal, concrete, ceramic, plastic and..
RM 7.90
Manufacturer: X'TRASEAL Model: 1022115
x'Traseal CA-288 Contact Adhesive is a multipurpose solvent based chloroprene contact adhesive that is easy to apply and offers extra bonding strength. Use for bonding and laminating:- - Formica - Plywood - Cloth - Cardboard - Sponge - Wood - Leather - Rubber - Glass - Metal - Concrete..
RM 13.50
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