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Brooms & Dust Pans

Brooms & Dust Pans
Manufacturer: ACCO Model: 1055629
BROOM+DUST PAN RUBBER EDGE 28X30X89CM YSpecification of Product, Dimension & SizeBrand    ACCOMaterial              PLASTICWidth (cm)         32.5Height (cm)   &..
RM 23.90
Manufacturer: ACCO Model: 1005429
DUST PAN IRON WITH COATING M8 ACCO IVORYSpecification of Product, Dimension & SizeBrand    ACCOMaterial               IRON WITH COATINGWidth (cm)         23.5Height (cm)&n..
RM 20.90
-27 %
Manufacturer: Rubbermaid Model: 1013909
1. The Flexible Sweeper Dry Dusting Pad is designed to fit on the Flexible Sweeper (1K44) and to be used to dust prior to wet mopping 2. Reusable microfiber pad can be washed up to 100 times 3. Microfiber is a super fine filament 1/100 the size of a strand of hair that grabs onto dirt and dust 4. Sa..
RM 22.00 RM 30.10
Manufacturer: JCJ Model: 1005288
PLASTIC DUSTPAN JCJ 1901 WHITEAdd more convenience to you in cleaning house with dustpan from JCL. This dustpan is made from high-quality material, offering durability, lightweight and fit with your hand. Plus, the product is functional design for utilizing with broom to collect dust effectivelyProp..
RM 22.90
Manufacturer: Arix Model: 1056868
TONKITA FOLDABLE DUSTPAN WITH HANDLE TK681 Large size, foldable lobby dustpan completely made with certified recycled and recyclable plastic material. Wider and deeper dustpan, able to pick up more dirt and dust in just one time. The large base, once on the ground, does not swing remaining firmly o..
RM 24.00
Manufacturer: Scoth Brite Model: 1013895
1. Come with 5x Disposable Refill Sheet (Dry) 2. Quick and Hygienic Clean 3. Super effective dust and dirt removal 4. Use in dry condition 5. No dust/hair left behind 6. Swivels to clean hard to reach areas 7. Clean walls and ceilings with height adjustable handle. 8. No back pain as well 9. The she..
RM 50.80
-25 %
Manufacturer: Rubbermaid Model: 1013908
Washable pad saves money Bends to reach tight spaces Flex head cleans baseboards Pad is made from microfiber and has fringe to pick up dust and small debris Additional pads available for purchase separately Refill Mop 1K48..
RM 55.00 RM 73.40
Manufacturer: ACCO Model: 1005610
- Broom with rubber edge and dust pan made from plastic. - Able to clean on every kind of surface. - Good for indoor. - Does not fall off easily. - Self storage. - Save space. - Dimension (W25.5X H83 X D28 CM) 1 X 1 HOMEPRO ACCO BROOM & DUSTPAN PLASTIC RUBBER EDGE YJ-1849 25.5x83x28 CM GREE..
RM 13.90
Manufacturer: Homepro Model: 1005608
- Dimension (W32.5 X H86 X D50 CM) - Made of grade-A plastic - Product weight: 0.35KG - Rubber dust pan - Wet and dry use - Manufactured by machine ensures durability 1 X HOMEPRO BROOM AND DUST PAN RUBBER EDGE XG-2066 CREAM Welcome to HomePro where we strive to provide our customers an ar..
RM 31.90
Manufacturer: Scoth Brite Model: 1013902
1. Conforms to any space and surface. 2. Protection bumpers prevent damage on furniture & baseboards. 3. Long handle allows broom to conform to any space and surface. 4. Ideal for indoor floor cleaning needs...
RM 26.50
Manufacturer: Scoth Brite Model: 1013903
1. Dirt is gathered in receptacle behind the lip. 2. Broom can be cleaned with dustpan’s jagged edge. 3. Durable and easy to use. 4. Ideal for indoor floor cleaning needs..
RM 20.40
Manufacturer: Scoth Brite Model: 1013898
1. Easy Cleaning: The dual-action microfiber lifts and traps dirty, dust, and hair at one go. 2. Absorbs more water so floors dry quickly: The microfiber cloth absorbs over 5 times its weight in water yet leave less water on the floor than conventional cotton mops, so the floor dries quickly. 3. M..
RM 50.80
Manufacturer: Scoth Brite Model: 1013896
Product Description: The Easy Sweeper is effective, quick and convenient! The special weave electrostatic sheets attract and hold dust, dirt, hair and other particles inside fibers; so they won’t fall out once picked up! The handle is made of high quality premium steel handle that is sturdy and du..
RM 16.50
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