FLOOR TILE 30X60 SIDEWALK GREYPackage Contents: 8 pieces per boxProperties·         Made of quality and sturdy ceramic·         Non-rectified tile with matt finish·&..

L x W x H (cm): 60.00 x 21.00 x 30.00
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Package Contents: 8 pieces per box


·         Made of quality and sturdy ceramic

·         Non-rectified tile with matt finish

·         Enhances your space with its vintage pattern

·         Great for exterior floor applications such as terrace, garage, yard and etc.

Product Usage

·         Decorative floor tile for exterior application.

·         Please read the instruction manual and warnings carefully before installation.

Product Tips

·         It is recommended to purchase 5-10% extra from the total usage amount for future renovation.

·         Please note that tiles naturally vary in color and appearance from batch to batch. To ensure all of your tiles are from the same batch, it is best to place a full order at the same time. Different order may get tiles from different batch.


·         In case of incorrect shades, series and size, please return the product to the Homepro store where it is purchased as soon as possible.

·         Always make sure that the surface is even and flat, if not then surface leveling will be required.

·         The leveled subfloor should be left to dry for 3-4 weeks before laying tiles.

·         The subfloor should be laid with plastic sheet.

·         It is recommended to leave space of 3-5 mm. between each tile and the tiles should be laid into the same direction.

·         The company shall not be responsible under any circumstances from not following the provided instructions and warnings.

·         Do not lay as 1/2.

·         Do not paint or use a chemical pen to write on the tile.

For Display Unit Either:-

1) Have Scratches

2) Missing Accesories/Freebies/Part/Warranty

3) Have Defects

All display unit purchase are non-refundable.


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