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Digging Tools

Manufacturer: ARROW Model: 1055829
Easy To Use, Multi Usage, Long Lasting..
RM 23.90
Manufacturer: Baba Model: 1048208
·         Item Code: GT-6009 ·         Item Description: BASIC CULTIVATOR ·         For loosening hard dried soil. ·         High Qual..
RM 20.50
Manufacturer: Gardena Model: 1044225
CLASSIC FLOWER FORK GARDENA 8952 Gardena Classic Flower Fork is the optimal tool for root-friendly planting and transplanting in flower boxes, flowerpots and flowerbeds. The ergonomically shaped handle fits perfectly in the hand and is angled at the end to prevent slipping. The Flower Fork has ..
RM 38.00
Manufacturer: Gardena Model: 1044199
GARDENA  NARROW HAND TROWEL SMALL (8951)  The GARDENA combisystem Hand Hoe is the optimal tool for loosening and aerating the soil and for weeding. The ergonomically formed handle, with its integrated soft component, fits perfectly in the hand and is angled at the end to prevent slipp..
RM 38.00
Manufacturer: Rusa Model: 1055844
Mutli Purpose Usage, Wooden Shovel..
RM 15.90
Manufacturer: Gardena Model: 1044208
GARDENA TAP CONNECTOR 21MM (18200)  This male allows to fix the garden hose to the domestic water outlet, to be able to work in the exterior areas of the home. This connection is made without the use of tools, which guarantees simple operation and without any problem. Without a doubt,..
RM 16.00
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