Extended Warranty

HomePro Extended Warranty (EW) Program

Type of Plans

We provide the flexibility to our customers by providing an additional 1 year or a choice of 2 years extended warranty to be included with their new products purchase from our retails store.

Type 1

Type 2

The Coverage :

The coverage is limited to mechanical and electrical defects and applies to repairs and replacements done in Malaysia while the Product is being used in Malaysia.

The Table of Benefits of this HomePro Extended Warranty (the “Program”) is summarized below:

Program Type

Extended Warranty


Audio, Fan & Lighting, Kitchen Appliances, Major Appliances, Water Heater, Small Domestic Appliances, TV

Coverage Type

Mechanical & Electrical faults

Repair Limits

Up to Product’s original Retail Price in aggregate

( if beyond economical repair )

One time
(up to Product’s original Retail Price)

Replacement Type

Like for like New product

Coverage Period

12 / 24 months from the Date of Expiry of the Manufacturer Warranty

EW Termination

Upon expiry of the coverage term

Aggregated repair costs have exceeded the Product’s original Retail Price

Upon replacement of the Product if beyond economical repair

Area of Coverage




The total coverage under the Program shall not exceed the purchase price of the Product and this shall apply on a cumulative / aggregated basis on all repairs of the Product throughout the term of the coverage period. Similarly, the cost of a one-time replacement product shall not exceed the purchase price of the Product.

If the original Product is replaced under the Program, the EW will cease from the replacement date.

Terms & Conditions

*Terms and conditions:

  1. All rates is in local currency RM.
  2. HomePro Extended Warranty (EW) is only applicable for new units purchased at HomePro stores.
  3. This page should always be read in conjunction with the Terms and Conditions for HomePro Extend Warranty (EW).

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