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TV Signal Cables

Coaxial cables, also known as RG cables (RG stands for Radio Grade), are the cables used for transmitting TV signals. These cables are commonly used in various applications today, such as security systems, closed-circuit television (CCTV), cable television (CATV), master antenna television (MATV), and satellite systems. There are two main types of RG6 cables, and they share almost identical components. The core conductor is typically made of copper, while the inner insulation is made of foam PE, aluminum-polyester tape (APA), or aluminum braid. The outer insulation of RG6 cables is typically made of PVC/PVE. However, RG6 cables with a grounding wire differ from regular RG6 cables. They have two additional wires: an AC wire and a DC wire, which are used to provide power to CCTV cameras.

The structure of the cable (signal conductor) is primarily composed of copper, which is insulated to protect against signal interference. This insulation is often made of foam or PE and covered with aluminum foil or braid. The next layer consists of a shield or braided wires, typically made of aluminum and copper, to prevent signal interference and signal leakage. The percentage represents the density of these braided wires; for example, 60%, 90%, or 95%, with 95% being the highest. The more braided wires used, the better the cable can carry and protect the signal, allowing for longer distances without signal loss and better resistance to external interference. The outermost layer is the cable jacket, which covers the entire cable. When used indoors, it is typically made of PVC (Polyvinylchloride), while outdoor cables use PE (Polyethylene) to provide water resistance and UV protection.

RG TV Signal Cables

RG59 Cable: This type of cable is used for transmitting TV signals, similar to RG6 cables. However, RG59 cables have a smaller copper core and are more flexible due to their smaller size. RG59 cables can carry signals over shorter distances, typically not exceeding 200 meters, as they have the highest signal attenuation due to their small size. RG59 cables are suitable for indoor use, such as in elevators, due to their small size and high flexibility.

RG6 Cable: This cable is widely used for various TV signal transmission applications, including analog TV, cable TV, satellite TV, and CCTV systems. It has a slightly smaller copper core than RG-11 cables.

RG-11 Cable: This cable is larger in size and can transmit signals over longer distances, up to 1000 meters, due to its larger copper core compared to RG6 and RG59 cables. It provides excellent signal transmission capabilities.

TV Signal Cables at Homepro

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